Lord of the Dance

Sixteen year old schoolboy Neil Tucker has a passion for dancing. Having taught himself to dance against the wishes of his disapproving father, he’s waiting to find out whether or not he’s been awarded a place at a dance academy in London.

On his last day at school and filled with doubts Neil has an encounter with an inspirational teacher who encourages him to pursue his dreams.

Fired up by the teacher’s talk, Neil returns home to confront his father. After a heated argument with his father in which he refuses to take over the family business, Neil runs away. After a night spent dancing in a disused church, Neil returns home only to see his mother battered and bruised at the window, pleading with him to leave and not come back. After a final moment of self doubt Neil turns and runs towards the coach station to go to London to claim his future.


Lord of the Dance - Neil, Director
Lord of the Dance - On set
Lord of the Dance - Neil with the DOP